Always factor inflation into your financial planning cycle - Pembroke IFA's

Always factor inflation into your financial planning cycle

UK Inflation has fallen to its lowest level in almost three years, but it could have a cumulative knock-on effect on your planning. The October measure of annual inflation was lower than most experts had expected. At 1.5% on the CPI yardstick, it was the lowest since November 2016 and 0.5% below what is still the Bank of England’s central target of 2.0%. Ironically, the main reason behind the fall was a government price control, which began at the start of the year: the utility price cap….

Pembroke Financial IFA Winter Newsletter 2019/2020

Pembroke Financial Services Winter 2019/2020 Newsletter – Money Wise

What’s next? …into the new decade. 2019 was quite a year. In the final few months of the year the upheaval and pressure of the news cycle around the general election (not to mention the lack of clarity on Brexit) meant that no one couldn’t even begin to get into the holiday spirit until the dust had settled….